Holly’s 40 Day Ultimate Nutrition Cleanse

Detox Your Body

Healthy on the Inside Looks like happy on the outside!


So what is a Detox anyway?

I’ll try to explain it through a simple analogy. Imagine a car that’s been around for a while, it’s seen lots of trips (they were fun!) and the mileage is a bit high. That car is your body. It’s time for this car to get a tune up so it can keep going. In the tune up, the AC gets cleaned (this could symbolize fresh breath), exhaust (stool), oil filter (liver), water filter (kidneys), piping (intestines). If you tune your car up regularly, and pump quality fuel in (food), it’ll stay in the best shape possible a lot longer and you’ll probably get a LOT more miles out of it.

We can consider this detox cleanse as a body tune up, where we intentionally get rid of all the toxins that naturally make their way into our bodies throughout our every day life. Unfortunately, we live in an era full of toxins, we don’t even realize most of them, but there’s no way to avoid it. Even through eating exotic foods, cuddling our beloved pets or inhaling various gases, we are exposed to toxins and stressors all day long. But it’s possible to adjust the damage, for example, by consuming high-quality foods and by doing a regular detox cleanse.

I lead groups through this cleanse EVERY MONTH!

Message me to find out our next Group cleanse date.

You can also go through the cleanse when its convenient for you and you will still have my health coaching and support!

detox health coach!

Your Personal Health Coach

Beauty comes from within…that’s the old saying.

Most of us get pretty good at taking care of what’s on the outside, but eventually, if we neglect what’s inside, that begins to show. I have been obsessed with all things health and fitness since I picked up my first Oxygen magazine at 15 years old. (Eventually I got to BE in it!)

Now, I have 12 years of fitness studio ownership in Hollywood Ca. under my belt, have worked with my fair share of celebrities & household names, have appeared in numerous publications and television shows as a fitness expert, and placed top 5 in both the Miss Bikini Universe and Miss Fitness Model Universe pageants. I have helped thousands of women (& some men) lose weight, detox, achieve optimal health, get in the best shape of their lives, and empower themselves through wellness.

My program uses nutrient-dense superfoods, slow-burning carbohydrates and highly digestible protein and is all vegan and all natural. Your body can live without a lot of calories, but it cannot live without nutrition. This cleanse is made to be super nutritious and anabolic (no muscle wasting!). You will be consuming a few hundred calories a day. This is in the form of:

-Green Power Shakes, we like to call it liquid sunshine. This shake is a perfect meal and has more nutrition than most people eat in a week. Super greens to detoxify your cells, clean out your liver, kidneys, and colon.

- Vegan pre-digested Amino Acids which activate the muscle and go after the fat deposits and will keep from muscle wasting. They build muscle even when you aren’t working out. These were created for coma patients and are so high quality, they have been listed in the physicians reference.

-The gut biome restoring pre & probiotic which is the only one on the market that has been proven to remove glyphosate from the tissues (glyphosate is a carcinogen that we know as Roundup which is a pesticide sprayed on all nonorganic crops).

-ApotheCherry, tart cherry juice concentrate which is a high powered antioxidant which releases naturally occurring melatonin. This aids in sleep efficiency and fights stress.

-Super Cleanser pills which rid the body of bacteria and go after the parasites.

-Flex foods and beverages… yes you can eat! Keep scrolling down for more info on this!

Meet the Holistic Justice League!


Your team of Super Hero Health Coaches! We’ve got your back!

Leading with Troy Casey @certifiedhealthnut, JJ Michaels @jjmichaels, Carolina Seema @architechtgoddess, and many more health coaches!

We like to think of ourselves as your health coach superheroes that united in the mission to empower you, give you loads of daily support, and work together to heal the planet, one person at a time!

Once you join our tribe you will be added to our private Facebook group where all of us will be coaching and guiding you through your health journey. Together we have over 31 years of experience in aiding life transformations!

See below for Facebook posts from our tribe! In our group, we share our success stories, any questions regarding the cleanse, products, nutrition, or overall health, as well as check in with each other often. You will never be alone on this journey!


But is it too good to be true?

With our cleanse we promise to increase your energy, improve sleep, reset your metabolism, and help you lose up to 11 pounds and 8 inches in just 10 days. With our program we will get you on a complete liver, parasite, bowel and kidney cleanse. Ten days on the cleanse and 30 days detox support for a clean sweep! You will take a break from processed foods and be plant based for 10 days.

Yes, you can still eat!!

You will consume superfoods that we have selected, we want you to eat fruits and veggies 3 times a day. We will explain serving sizes and all details before we start. After the initial 10 days, you can reintroduce clean meats and a wider array of fruits, veggies, and clean carbohydrates.

There is $100 OFF your organic superfoods if you sign up before the end of the month.  MY coaching is FREE!!!

flex foods

What can you eat?

The goal after this transformation is to keep these as your go to snacks along with your super predigested vegan protein (amino acids). And of course to not eat processed foods!!

If you’re trying to lose weight, you can snack on three of these flex foods a day aside from your balanced lunch and dinner. You can always have unlimited amounts of celery and cucumbers!

Here is an example of what you will be snacking on during this 40 day transformation:

Plums, celery, apples, papaya, wild blueberries, carrots, cherries, tomatoes, cucumbers, summer squashes , watermelon, vegetable broth , coconut oil, broccoli, kale and much more!

You’ll feel better, look better, have more energy and think with a clearer head.

You will naturally lose some weight since you will not be eating processed foods but high vitamin and minerals nourishment. Your body will be on a slight ketosis and your metabolism will be active through the 10 days leading to hunger control and stable sugar levels.


Can you exercise?

Working out is encouraged as it will speed up the process of flushing out the junk and building muscle. During the first 10 days though, we will want you to keep the workouts on the light side.  You will learn all of those details when you join the Facebook group.

If you are like us and are concerned in losing your muscle!! This 40 day transformation is NOT going to eat away your gains!!! So...NO!!! The super amino‘s will actually put your body in an anabolic state which means your body will burn fat as fuel rather than muscle. What are super amino‘s? This is vegan protein that you will take every morning that have a 99% absorption rate as opposed to most protein supplements which only have a 14-22% absorption rate.

Finally a "FULLY ORGANIC" healthy high vibe option!!!

Are you ready to take your health to the next level?

  • Are you ready to cut down a few pounds and move forward feeling lighter?

  • Are you ready to clean your body from all the junk you have fed it?

  • Are you ready to get the support to guide you and keep you empowered?

If you answer yes to any of this questions this detox cleanse is for you!!  Every time you do a healthy body transformation, you learn something new about yourself. It makes sense because our minds continue to change as we grow. So why not let our bodies join the transformative journey, too?

What you will get:

This detox cleanse will make you have a “breakthrough.” The lightness you will feel will become weight loss and you will have the end of any bloating or water weight. The cleanse becomes easier as every day goes by because your body will start to renew, and only wants the nutrients from living vegetables and fruits. Cravings will decrease. You will glow and the whites of your eyes will be crystal clear. You will enjoy your increased energy and elevated mood. From this breakthrough, you have the opportunity to make better food and lifestyle choices and will continue the healing benefits for as long as possible! Plus, you will become part of our life changing community. A tribe that wants to share and inspire the world to transcend with mother earth!

What if the 40 day option doesn’t work for you?

If something is holding you back, maybe the price or even the time commitment of 40 days, there is another option. We also have an option for a 10 day cleanse which is the exact same thing as the first 10 days of the 40 day cleanse. If you decide to choose the 10 days for a quick detox, you will still see amazing results and you will get $50 off with my gift card.


Get $50 off any superfood!

You may use the code: HollyHolton and get $50 off any superfoods products to try them.

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you do not like them you will get all of your money back.