Hi Babes! Just want to give a quick intro on who I am and what this platform is all about. My name is Holly Elizabeth Holton and I live in the magical land of Hollywood California. I was blessed to grow up in the beautiful state of Louisiana where my deep love for nature, sunshine, and animals began. Following my intuition and my passion for fitness, I moved to Los Angeles in 2007. I began as a fitness competitor which lead me into personal training which then grew into becoming an fitness entrepreneur. I created two of the most popular women’s fitness studio’s in Los Angeles with my most recent venture being Burn Babe Fitness located on Melrose Avenue. Through exercise, healthy eating, and tapping into the divine mind, body, and soul connection, I have found my own joy in living life to the fullest every day. Bottom line is I love helping people discover their own powerful potential for a life lived with more health, vitality, and happiness. Through my life journey, I’ve picked up quite a few tips, tricks, and a little bit of knowledge. I created this blog to have an outlet to share those with you… along with my thoughts, passions, travels, and day to day life. A huge thank you for following and visiting my blog and please share your feedback in the comments on my posts. I would love to hear from you and bring you want you want to see and hear in this space.

Yours with so much love and appreciation - Holly